CFS is the Control Agency for emergencies involving hazardous materials within any area of South Australia outside of a Metropolitan Fire District.

A hazardous materials (HazMat) incident is an incident involving the actual or pending release of a hazardous material in sufficient quantity as to pose a risk to life, property or the environment.

As the Control Agency, CFS has the legislated responsibility to take control of a hazardous materials incident and use its resources to contain the incident and render it safe.

CFS has 33 brigades strategically located across South Australia who are equipped and trained to respond to incidents involving hazardous materials.

This includes various levels of Chemical Protective Clothing, Atmospheric Monitoring equipment and equipment to contain, neutralise or normalise a HazMat incident.

Our firefighters that are trained in HazMat are called HazMat Operators.

CFS has 6 brigades across the state who are equipped and trained to HazMat Technician level. This capability, uses a dedicated HazMat truck and provides a greater level of atmospheric monitoring and detection equipment, and further supplies of Chemical Protective Clothing.

When responding to HazMat incidents, CFS works closely with partner agencies and organisations to minimise the risk to the community and the environment.