Permit information

Fires and activities that can be undertaken without a permit

Some activities are permitted to be undertaken during the Fire Danger Season provided that strict conditions are complied with.

These activities include using gas appliances for cooking, electric welders and angle grinders, and fires for cooking and personal comfort.

The use of above ground fires, such as chimineas, fire drums, braziers, are only permitted with the use of permits and compliance with conditions.


There are two types of permits that can be issued by an Authorised Officer:

  • Schedule 9 Permit - may be issued for fires or activities on days during the Fire Danger Season that are not Total Fire Ban days.
  • Schedule10 Permit - may be issued for fires or activities on days that are Total Fire Bans - these are intended for emergency use only.

To find your nearest Authorised Officer contact your local council.

You can apply to an Authorised Officer for a permit either in person, by mail, email, over the phone or via radio. The Authorised Officer will assess your permit application prior to issuing a permit.

The Authorised Officer is required to assess the permit application to ensure that:

  • they are satisfied that the lighting and maintaining of the fire is in all circumstances justified
  • adequate precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of fire.

Once the Authorised Officer is satisfied they will issue you with a permit and a permit number. The conditions that you must comply with are included in the permit.

For any theatrical fire effects or pyrotechnic (fireworks) displays the only authority that can issue a Permit to light or maintain a fire is the CFS.


You must comply with the conditions included in the permit.

In particular, not less than 2 hours before you light or intend to light the fire, you must notify:

  • all adjoining neighbours
  • an officer of the local council
  • the person in charge of any nearby government reserve
  • the local CFS Brigade.

Conditions may vary from area to area depending on the time of year and season. Full details will be provided on the permit by the Authorised Officer of the Council.

Should you require further information please contact your local council.