Community Fire Safe

Working together to prepare for bushfires

Information Hotline 1800 362 361 (TTY 133 677)

By actively participating in a Community Fire Safe group and planning ahead, you and your neighbours can develop strategies that fit your lifestyle, environment and bushfire risk.

Be as ready as you can be this fire season and take part in CFS's most comprehensive bushfire safety program.

Community Fire Safe is all about taking control of your own bushfire safety.

It's a practical program designed to help you:

  • Plan for a range of scenarios
  • Make informed decisions when it counts
  • Maintain a well prepared home and garden
  • Work together with your community to reduce everyone's bushfire risk

If you are passionate about keeping your home and your family safe, get together with a group of locals and the CFS will come to you.

People and their situations are different and there are many 'right answers' to bushfire safety. Community Fire Safe helps you find yours.

Community Fire Safe

We initiated this program to encourage people living in high-risk bushfire areas to form local action groups.

Groups consist of families living in the same street or area who face a common bushfire threat.

Groups operate autonomously and focus on their own special needs. They draw on the support of CFS staff and volunteers when they need it.

Learn how fires behave so you can develop the best strategies for yourselves and your local community. These strategies work because they have community ownership and support.

The program is flexible and free.

The best option for your safety

Community Fire Safe members are more resilient.

Research has shown that:

  • Survivors of the 2009 Victorian bushfires who were regular and active members of Victorian Community Fireguard groups were likely to have fewer losses and better emotional recovery following a bushfire
  • People with strong community links and support cope better during a fire and are proven to be more resilient after a fire – meeting and connecting with your neighbours is a great start
  • In South Australia, community meetings and Community Fire Safe groups are the most effective way of receiving detailed practical and actionable advice.

Community Fire Safe groups

  • Hold street meetings and walk around local streets to identify fire hazards and familiarise neighbours with each other's firefighting equipment
  • Identify neighbourhood safe meeting points and Bushfire Safer Places
  • Stay informed and share information through Facebook, Twitter or through the CFS website
  • Organise bulk buying of fire equipment, personal protective clothing and other necessary items
  • Establish communication strategies like telephone trees and group email lists to effectively communicate with each other during a bushfire
  • Organise neighbourhood working bees to prepare each other's properties
  • Make plans with more vulnerable members of your community

Why get involved?

  • Get to know your neighbours, and share your bushfire knowledge and experiences
  • Be part of a small group who are united and motivated towards bushfire safety
  • Gain in-depth and expert bushfire safety knowledge for your situation (in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere)
  • Understand your local environment and the simple steps to make your home and property safer
  • Prepare yourself and your family emotionally and physically
  • Find out where to access important information before and during a bushfire
  • Prepare and write a Bushfire Survival Plan for your family and home
  • Be part of the most effective way of learning how to be Bushfire Ready
  • Create opportunities for meeting neighbours to develop networks that may be needed in an emergency
  • Raise awareness amongst neighbours to prepare for bushfires

Community Fire Safe is a free CFS program that could save you and your family this summer.

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