SA Country Fire Service

Message ID: 0005571
Time Message Issued: 18:39
Date Message Issued: 10/09/2021

Fire Origin / Fire Name: LANGHORNE CREEK


Issued for Langhorne Creek

CFS advises that crews are responding to a Fire in Wood Piles at a Wood chip and Mulch, Garden Soils facility..

The location of the incident is On Kangaroo Rd Brinkley, Near Langhorne Creek and Monarto South.

The incident is causing smoke to drift in a south Easterly direction towards Lee Rd, Boundary Rd North , Langhorne Creek Rd and Lake Alexandrina.

You are advised to close all doors and windows and stay indoors if the smoke is causing you concern. Be careful when driving as smoke may reduce visibilty.


This message will be updated as the situation changes or before: Sep 11 2021 18:00

Government of South Australia