SA Country Fire Service

Incident Update

Message ID: 0005958
Time Message Issued: 19:02
Date Message Issued: 22/01/2022

Origin / Name: COLES



This fire has now been declared contained.

Volunteer firefighters from across South Australia and Victoria have worked throughout the day to strengthen control lines around the perimeter of the fire.

Approximately 60 firefighters and 30 incident management personnel will continue to work throughout the night, and into the coming days, to continue blacking out operations and securing the fire edge.

Professional arborists have been deployed to the fire ground to assess any trees within the affected area which may be at risk of collapsing.

The following roads will remain closed:

- Elad Rd between Calendale Rd and Spence-Coles Rd,
- Intersection of Claywell Road and Diagonal Road,
- Corner of Conmurra Road and Andres Lane,
- Corner of Andres Lane and Legges Lane,
- Calendale Road from Broadlands Lane in the north to Clay Wells Road in the south,
- Elad Road, between Conmurra Road and Spence-Coles Road, COLES,
- Diagonal Road, between Clay Wells Road and Calendale Road, COLES,
- Conmurra Road, between Ellisons Road and Clay Wells Road, COLES,
- Legges Road, between Conmurra Road and Clay Wells Road, COLES, and
- Calendale Road, between Broadlands Lane and Clay Wells Road, COLES.

The road closures will continue to be reviewed throughout the night and into tomorrow. Roads will be reopened to the community once assessed as safe to do so.

Smoke may continue to blow across the area and may be seen and smelt by residents across the Lower South East while mopping up operations are conducted. If you are impacted by smoke, close your doors and windows, and stay inside.

The CFS is continuing to provide support to the families, volunteers and staff who were impacted by the tragic incident that occurred on the Coles fire ground yesterday. The CFS would like to thank the community of South Australia for their overwhelming support and compassion throughout this difficult time.

For updates visit the CFS website ( or phone the Information Hotline on 1800 362 361.

This message will be updated as the situation changes or before: 23/01/2022 11:00


  • Check and follow your Bushfire Survival Plan
  • Decide what you will do if the situation changes
  • Look and listen for information on television, radio, internet, mobile phones and by speaking with neighbours


Do not rely on a single source for warning information.

For emergencies call Triple Zero (000)

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Stay informed

For emergencies call Triple Zero (000).

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