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Message ID: 0004761
Time Message Issued: 12:54
Date Message Issued: 20/01/2020

Origin / Name: RAVINE

Incident Update - Ravine, Kangaroo Island


Whist these fires have been burning for some time, the community is reminded that a Bushfire Advice Message remains current for this fire.

Crews have been blacking out the area where a burn at Vivonne Bay was undertaken yesterday, residents within the township and surrounding areas may continue to see smoke in the area. This burn will help ensure there is minimal ground fuel in the scrub area that leads towards the township and assist with controlling the fire.

Heavy plant is continuing to be used in areas east and west of Vivonne Bay. There will be a crew of specialist firefighters using dry firefighting techniques involving hand tools to create fire breaks and extinguish any hot spots that present a risk.

The blanket of firefighting suppressant foam being laid within the Pine Plantations off Bark Hut Road, Cassini, is expected to be completed today. Residents in the area are asked to avoid disturbing or touching the foam.

Arduous firefighting crews are working to protect unburnt remnant pockets of native vegetation by running out extensive lengths of hose and using hand tools.

Aerial water bombing aircraft and observation aircraft are being used on the Island to respond to any areas of concern as well as conducting reconnaissance flights to gather intelligence for this incident.

Whilst there have not been any significant break outs, there are still hot spot areas being identified within the burnt ground. People need to monitor their surroundings for flare ups, stay alert and watch out for new fires in their area.

Burning trees and underground roots, damaged or blocked roads, falling trees, fallen power lines, smoke, ash and possible asbestos contamination, is still a risk and these present new hazards in an ever changing landscape.

CFS ground observers are checking control lines and using thermal imaging cameras to identify hot spots.

Much work is being conducted clearing roads to make areas safe for traffic movement and allow residents to return to work.

Roads continue to be monitored and assessed for changes to the closures, to allow further access to residents and tourist on the Island. Please ensure you visit for the latest updates.

Anyone travelling on fire impacted roads need to be aware that road conditions have changed. Road safety signage has been destroyed across much of the fire ground. Driving with care and caution at reduced speeds is essential to your safety.

Private water cartage semi-trailers from the mainland are being used to supply both potable and non-potable water to assist with increasing water supply to the community and fire trucks on the fireground.

For information regarding the replenishment of water go to Kangaroo Island Recovery

For updates visit the CFS website ( or phone the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1800 362 361.

This message will be updated as the situation changes or before: Jan 20 2020 19:00


  • Check and follow your Bushfire Survival Plan
  • Decide what you will do if the situation changes
  • Look and listen for information on television, radio, internet, mobile phones and by speaking with neighbours


Do not rely on a single source for warning information.

For emergencies call Triple Zero (000)

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