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Donating fire water tanks to the CFS - how you can help

Water tanks have become a popular and welcomed donated item for firefighting services across the state, but before you purchase a tank to donate or donate funds to supply a tank, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Happy New Year from your CFS

It's a unique individual who decides to put their community and state before their own personal milestones or family events.

Black Hawk helicopters take to the skies for SA Country Fire Service

Two Black Hawk helicopters will go online from 16 December 2021 for the Country Fire Service.

Bushfire education empowering students

Empowering young people to prepare, respond to, and recover from bushfire is an important part of ensuring the entire South Australian community is best prepared for an emergency.

Minimise harvester fires with regular hygiene, inspection and maintenance

During harvesting season, it's important to remember than harvester and machine losses can be minimised with regular machine hygiene, inspection and maintenance.

Tackling the tough talk: "Men's health is front of mind" CFS volunteer says

Three years ago, Roseworthy CFS lieutenant, Arran O'Leary's life drastically changed after a visit to the doctor for something completely innocuous.

Nine things you need in your emergency kit

Emergency kits can save lives but having one that's packed and ready to go before the threat of a bushfire is vital. A good kit is one that can be used for all hazards (not just bushfires), but the best kit is the one that's ready.

Know your closest Bushfire Safer Place

New statistics show that nearly half of South Australians living in bushfire prone areas don't know the meaning of their local Bushfire Safer Place or where to find it.

Looking after pets and livestock during bushfires

Pets and livestock create quite unique problems when a bushfire is burning in the area, yet both can be looked after with the proper preparation.

Students helping their family prepare for fire season

Getting your kids actively involved in your family's bushfire preparations can be a beneficial step to ensure your whole family knows what to do in case of an emergency.