Community Fire Safe

This program encourages residents living in high-risk areas to form small action groups. Groups may consist of families living in the same street or area who face a common bushfire threat.

You will learn how fires behave so you can develop the best strategies for yourselves and your local community. These strategies work because they have community ownership and support.

Groups operate autonomously and focus on flexibility and community needs. They draw on the support of CFS staff and volunteers whenever they need it.

It supports groups that develop in streets as well as groups such as Friends of National Parks, Landcare and Neighbourhood Watch who wish to cover fire safety.

A Community Engagement Officer, with the assistance of CFS volunteers, will provide ongoing technical information and resources to each group.

This may be informal meetings to discuss issues such as:

  • fire behaviour
  • fire prevention
  • house survival.

It may also include a street walk so the group can identify local fire hazards and familiarise themselves with firefighting equipment on neighbours' properties. Groups can then make decisions about the best way to protect themselves in a way that fits their situation.

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