Bushfire Safety Training for Media

We recognise the media's important role in delivering safety information to communities and highlighting the valuable work of CFS volunteers.

Any media personnel likely to attend a bushfire incident in South Australia must complete a Bushfire Safety for Media Training course. Media need to have appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for their safety, and the safety of our staff.

The CFS is conducting training sessions across the state to provide media the opportunity to receive their media accreditation ahead of this year’s Fire Danger Season. We are improving our training and record keeping by moving to an online training platform so require participants to create an account in our learning portal (use your email address as your username). You will then need to enrol in a training session (use the ‘details’ button to view information and location for each session).

Training overview

Each year before the start of the Fire Danger Season, we offer a series of training sessions to media representatives including:

  • journalists
  • photographers
  • reporters
  • producers
  • freelancers.

The training program consists of a two-hour session which covers:

  • basic fire awareness
  • safety and survival information on a fireground.
  • an overview of how we manage bushfires and our volunteer firefighters.

There is a short theory-based assessment at the end of the training session. Successful participants will be issued with a CFS media accreditation card.

The CFS media accreditation card is valid for two years. It must be worn so it can be easily seen when you are at any CFS-controlled fireground. The card will not always guarantee access to a fireground. Access will be at the discretion of the CFS. Safety will always remain the priority.

For more information email cfs.communications@eso.sa.gov.au

Personal Protective Equipment for media

If you are attending a CFS controlled fire ground you need to wear compliant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your safety.

The full kit of media PPE consists of:

  • Proban-treated yellow media wildfire jacket and pants, clearly labelled with 'MEDIA'.
  • yellow helmet with the word 'MEDIA' on the side
  • gloves
  • goggles
  • leather boots
  • a P2 dust mask

CFS requires all PPE used on a fireground to be certified to the relevant Standard. These standards are:

  • AS/NZS4824 for wildland clothing;
  • AS/NZS4821 - Type 1 for wildland boots;
  • AS/NZS1801 - Type 3 for wildland helmets;
  • AS/NZS2161.6 Type 1 for gloves;
  • AS/NZS1337 for eyewear.

Products that comply with these standards will be clearly labelled.

If we find you on a fire ground without the correct PPE, we may remove you from the fire ground for your safety. You may also have your accreditation revoked.

If you are attending bushfires please ensure you have enough drinking water, food rations, a first aid kit and sunscreen.

Your media outlet is responsible for providing this equipment to you.

You can purchase equipment from:

Stewart and Heaton
81 Ledger Road
Beverley SA 5009
08 8417 8700

Fire and Rescue Australia
190 Main Road
Blackwood SA 5051
08 8370 2739