Before a fire - be prepared

Emergency kit

Did you know that nearly half of South Australians living in bushfire prone areas don’t know the meaning of their local Bushfire Safer Place or where to find it?

This bushfire season, make sure you know the difference between your Bushfire Last Resort Refuge and Bushfire Safer Place. If you live in or near one, make sure you include this in your bushfire plan and know how to use it.

Emergencies do happen, anytime, anywhere. Make sure you pack an emergency kit with essential items and keep it in a handy place.

The simple things can save your life. Clear around your property to reduce, remove and manage vegetation within 20 metres of your home and within 5 metres of any sheds and garages. Remove any other flammable materials close to your home and sheds.

You also need to think about the physical and emotional effects a bushfire will have on you and your family. Preparing yourself to cope with a bushfire is as important as preparing your home and surroundings.

Do your 5 Minute Bushfire Plan

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