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CFS hosts Australasia's largest emergency management conference

Following the devastating 2019-20 bushfire season, floods across the eastern coast of Australia and the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency management personnel from across the country will have the opportunity to reflect, share learnings and new ideas at AFAC22 - Australasia's largest emergency management conference and exhibition.

Reducing the risk of slasher fires

Mower and slasher fires are often the result of residents trying to undertake hazard reduction too late in a season on grass that has already dried out, or when cutting is undertaken during warm/hot and dry conditions.

Happy New Year from your CFS

It's a unique individual who decides to put their community and state before their own personal milestones or family events.

Bushfire education empowering students

Empowering young people to prepare, respond to, and recover from bushfire is an important part of ensuring the entire South Australian community is best prepared for an emergency.

Students helping their family prepare for fire season

Getting your kids actively involved in your family's bushfire preparations can be a beneficial step to ensure your whole family knows what to do in case of an emergency.