Farm Fire Units

Since the beginning of CFS, and well before, the farm firefighting community has provided a quick response to the early stages of a fire, the active firefighting during blazes, and the continued monitoring after emergency services have handed properties back to their owners.

The CFS is currently trialling a state-wide program for the registration and coverage of farm fire units (FFUs).

The value of farm fire units has been recognised in inquiries following the Cudlee Creek, Yorketown and Kangaroo Island fires. In fact, these inquiries identified the need to better coordinate farm fire units with emergency services to ensure a common approach as well as the safety and welfare for of everyone on the fireground.

Once registered, operators will have better access to water supply, catering, welfare, insurance and safety arrangements while operating with CFS crews on firegrounds.

The system will be trialled until the end of the 2021-2022 season, with ongoing feedback sought to ensure FFU operators continue to play a valuable role in the response to fires across the state.