About CFS

The South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) serves communities through dedicated volunteers delivering professional fire and rescue services to outer metropolitan, regional and rural South Australia.

The CFS is an all hazards agency responding to bushfire, building fire, road crash rescue and hazardous material spills.

We have strong representation throughout South Australia:

  • 13,500 volunteers, including cadets, who are committed to supporting their communities
  • 425 brigades operating across the State, and
  • a fleet of over 800 fire trucks.

Our Vision

A trusted and effective community based fire and emergency service.

Our Mission

An integrated and trusted fire and emergency service contributing to safer and more resilient communities.

What we do

Every year our volunteers dedicate in excess of 3 million hours to contribute to the safety and resilience of our communities. We attend around 8,000 incidents each year including:

  • bushfires and grass fires
  • building and motor vehicle fires
  • road crash rescue
  • hazardous material spills (HazMat)

We work alongside the SA Metropolitan Fire Service and State Emergency Service during a range of events.

We also work closely with local government to assist with strategies for fuel reduction and to educate the community about bushfires and fire safety.

Our structure

The CFS evolved from a long and complex partnership between volunteers, local government and the South Australian government to meet community safety needs. The partnership began as an attempt to deal with fires in rural areas.

In 1989, the State Government revised the SA Country Fires Act and Regulations. This enabled it to develop a standardised service that could respond quickly to emergencies across South Australia rather than individually run local services.

In the late 1990s, the State Government made further changes to ensure the CFS was properly equipped. It made major changes to funding for the CFS and combined the administration of the service with several other emergency services.

The State Government proclaimed the SA Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 on 1 October 2005. This supersedes the Country Fires Act as the governing legislation for the SA Country Fire Service.

Today the CFS comprises over 428 rural fire brigades, approximately 13,500 volunteers and 144 staff to manage our day-to-day operations.

You can see more detail in our structural chart (PDF 30kb).

South Australian and Australian government legislation governs all emergency service organisations in South Australia.

Draft Code of Conduct and Respectful Behaviours

The CFS have drafted a Code of Conduct and Respectful Behaviours Standard Administrative Procedure (SAP) to provide you with a clear understanding of the standard of conduct expected when performing your duties as a member of the SACFS.

The Code and Respectful Behaviours SAP do not attempt to provide an exhaustive list of what to do in all situations, instead they represents a broad framework of ethical conduct you have an obligation to uphold.

The Code and Respectful Behaviours SAP are based on the key principles contained in the Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector, SA Public Sector Values and Behaviours Framework and the Volunteers Protection Act 2001 (SA)

This is a part of CFS’s continuing work in reviewing, restructuring and updating the guiding documents that the CFS members operate within.

These documents are now available for CFS Member’s feedback.

SAP 23.1 - SACFS Code of Conduct

SAP 23.02 - Respectful Behaviours

The consultation period is open for 6 weeks commencing Friday 18 September 2020 and will close Friday 30 October 2020.

Members and stakeholders who wish to review the documentation are invited to email the CFS Strategy and Governance Team at CFSStrategy@sa.gov.au. The S&G team will be monitoring the email account to provide all documentation, support and further information regarding the SACFS Code of Conduct and Respectful Behaviours SAP.