Campaign assets

This year’s creative strategy is to use a three-stream campaign approach to deal with a wide range of attitudes and behaviours across a diverse population who are at different stages of behaviour change:

Stream 1: Awareness

Objective: Get complacent people living in peri-urban areas and people who have recently moved to a risk area to believe that there is a bushfire risk and consider their bushfire preparations (or lack thereof) by knowing that there is a risk.

Example images:

 Facebook bushfire risk area (1080x1080) Facebook bushfire risk area 02 (1080x1080) Bushfire risk area A2 poster

Download assets:

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Stream 2: Motivate

Objective: Get people to feel motivated to actively and properly plan and prepare to be in control by getting them to challenge their assumptions and realise where their weaknesses are.

Example images:


 Facebook 'what's your plan' (1080x1080)  Facebook post - What's your plan when (Italian)

Download assets:

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Stream 3: Make it easier

Objective: Get all audiences to investigate ways to better plan and prepare for bushfires by feeling that planning and preparing for a bushfire is easy.

Example images:

Facebook 'how to' 1080x1080 Facebook 'how to' 1080x1080 (Italian)

Download assets:

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