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Bushfire Safety Guide for Business

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It is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of bushfire danger, and be prepared, especially for those living, working, or travelling in bushfire prone areas.

Use this guide to prepare your people and your business for the next bushfire season.

Stage 1: Understanding

Bushfire Basics

The top reason buildings burn down is because of embers

That vehicles do not provide safety in a bushfire, and that there are a high number of deaths due to people being caught in cars

That radiant heat is the biggest threat to life

What a Bushfire Safer Place is

What a Bushfire Last Resort Refuge is and when to use one.

Where to get the latest information about on-going bushfires

What the different Fire Danger Ratings mean, and what the recommended actions are for each

Which Fire Ban District I am in, or travel through regularly

What I can and can’t do during fire danger season and on Total Fire Ban days

What to do if I have to shelter from fire in a building

What to expect when if I experience a bushfire

What I can do to prepare my land and livestock for a bushfire

How to prepare a property before the fire season, and when a fire happens

Why we need to be skilled in decision making under stress

Why some people need our support before, during, and after a bushfire

How to prepare and practise a bushfire survival plan for home

Legislation, codes of practice, and guidelines

Stage 2: Mitigating


Stage 3: Preparing

Business specific bushfire plan

Stage 5: Learning

Learning from experiences frameworks